Why You Should Try A U-Part Lace Wig

Nowadays, there are lots of different lace wigs in the market, full lace wigs, lace front wigs, glueless lace wigs, etc. Today we are going to recommend a special lace wig to you, which is called U-Part lace wig.
What Are The Benefits Of A U-Part Lace Wig
1. It’s the most natural looking part and hairline because you can leave a portion of your own hair out.
2. Quick & easy application. At the end of the day remove and properly preserve your lace wig then reinstall in minutes the next morning. This will lengthen the life of your purchase.
3. Professional weave style look at a fraction of the time & cost.
4. No adhesive or sew in necessary.
How To Install A U-Part Lace Wig
Step 1
Braid your hair in cornrow,set aside a portion of your own hair for blending.
3-1Step 2
Cut the excess lace off the unit.
Step 3
Place the lace wig on your head and use the combs and adjustable straps to secure your lace wig.
3-2Step 4
Part and blend your own hair with the u-part wig.
 Step 5
Trim layers and style as desired.
You can see it’s very easy to apply a U-Part lace wig, find the one you like on uniwigs.com.