Virgin or non Virgin Hair Wigs?

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This is a very intriguing topic, but as usual I have the answer for you right here. 99,9% of the time a beauty guru talks about a wig or any other wearable hair product, they will mention the hair’s designation as Virgin, Remy or Non-Remy. You are probably wondering what does that mean?
So the hair’s designation is nothing more than the hair origin, collection method and also manufacture process. It is actually easier than you think. Keep reading to understand each one of the hair types that you can find at ChocHair.

Virgin Remy Human Hair:
A virgin hair is devoid of any chemical process like perm, dye and/or bleach processes. These particularities differentiate this type of hair from the remaining types. A set of virgin hair is originated from a single donor and the hairs follow the same direction with the intact cuticle, hence it allows a completely natural, healthy and beautiful appearance. The standard color is always natural, i.e., black or dark brown. The ChocHair Virgin hair, for instance, is made from 100% natural unprocessed virgin human hair. It is dyeable and can be re-styled as desired for several times without losing the natural hair finish.

Cerulean Remy Human Hair Full Lace Wig

Cerulean Remy Human Hair Full Lace Wig

Remy Human Hair:
Remy Human Hair is processed with chemical dying and all cuticle have been rearranged in the same direction. The hair is submitted to an acid treatment that allows the removal of the hair squama, giving the hair a softer and smoother quality and preventing tangling. Although it comes in a more affordable price it still detains the virgin human hair high quality. This is also a dyable and remodel able.

Important note: The Jet Black color set for this hair type is not recommended to be dyed or lightened. In case of color changing, we recommend the purchase of a lighter color product to facilitate the dyeing process and maintain the quality of the hair.

Non-Remy Human Hair
A Non-Remy Human hair is another kind of hair, also known as quick change hair. The hair has undergone a few chemical process and rearranged the mixture of hair tips and ends. In the process to produce non-Remy hair, the hair is clipped to prevent friction between hair strands and thus become tangle free. It is characterized by its smooth finish and natural waves. This hair type is in lower quality than the Virgin and Remy hair, therefore is less expensive.